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Initiates Mikenia weeding out campaign

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    Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Initiates Mikenia weeding out campaign



Plant Fight Bearing Fruit  

Environmental activist Chanda Rana’s alone fight against deadly plant Mikenia is bearing fruit  


When an environmental activist, the chairperson of Save the  Environment Foundation (SEF), initiated a project against the deadly Mikenia plant in Chitwan National Park, only a few people thought that the wild weed was going to devastate the habitat of the world’s  endangered flora and fauna.  

Rana (Center): Fighting against deadly plant

Rana (Center): Fighting against deadly plant

What Rana had predicted has come true. After releasing 'Mile  a  minute:  A  serious threat to  Chitwan  Nation  park’,  a  documentary made by Chanda  Rana, there is a growing concern at all levels now that something must be done to protect the park. Even Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal visited the areas and stressed the need to wipe it out.
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The documentary  served  its purpose by attracting  the  collective effort  to  look  for  options  to  stop  the invasion  by Mikenia in the park.
By launching a weeding out campaign against Mikenia at Kasara, Prime minister Nepal on 8th  January 2010, demonstrated the government’s concern about the situation. Environmental activist Chanda  Rana was with the PM’s team.
Prime Minister Nepal, along with ministers  Dipak  Bohara and Surendra Pandey and  parliament members representing Natural Resources Committee, attended  the  ''conservation  camp ''  organized  by the Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation  at Temple Tiger. USAID   Representative, WWF representative and SEF members also participated in the camp. 
Chief warden of Chitwan park informed the PM about conservation status and Dr. Shanta Gyawali of NTNC briefed him about Mikenia thereYour browser may not support display of this image. .
The documentary made by Chanda Rana was screened before the PM the previous evening at Temple Tiger.
PM Nepal, and other participants took a sojourn of the park on elephant back, and saw how  Mikenia infestation at Chitwan was threatening wildlife there.
Local  people, teachers, students  and Nepal Army personnel took part in weeding out of  Mikenia campaign initiated by the PM. 
“The invasive plant is threatening the  existence of flora, fauna and unique ecosystem of Chitwan,” said Prime Minister Nepal to the media. “It is high time, without delay, all should participate in controlling  or  stopping  the  invasion of the wild weed.”
Your browser may not support display of this image.Chitwan is not only listed as a world heritage site for its unique natural riches but also boasts to have been the hunting site during the visit by British King George V.
The PM urged all to contribute in a collective effort to eradicate the infestation and appreciated the contribution made by Chanda Rana by making the documentary.
The documentary is her lone approach to  draw the attention  at  national  level.
The documentary consists of all the  efforts made  by various individuals regarding Mikenia  and views of experts.
The program was organized by the Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation.
''I  am delighted  as initiative was taken  by the PM along with Forest Minister Bohara to act promptly, even visiting sites, themselves and I am glad to accompany them  to  show the infestation and  take part  jointly  for  the Mikenia  weeding  program at Kasara ,” Rana told New Spotlight.
“I am hopeful as the ‘need to act promptly’ has reached even the top leadership level, to PM and concerned ministries. I  am optimistic steps  will be taken to  stop the infestation , I am  delighted  as  my purpose of making the documentary  worked out . I will  continue my  effort and will contribute  assisting the ministry of forest  and others concerned on this issue to  save the Chitwan national  park  from  Mikenia infestation.”
From planting trees to making Kathmandu green, Rana has initiated various works to protect the environment. Chitwan project showed that how crusades against the deadly plant finally seems to be materializing. Although her organization is small, what pays her is dedication and commitments to protect the nature.





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