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Chairperson's Remarks
Rapid urbanization, industrialization, uncontrolled and unplanned migration to urban areas has created a devastating environmental degradation, which is threatening sustainability of the very life support system.

The degradation of the environment is making mankind environmental refugees. The nightmare of every urban planner is Mexico city. The present day environmental crisis demands a revision and reshaping of human beings’ attitude towards life and nature.

Human kind has an ethical responsibility no to tamper with the evolution of life on Earth. The degrading environment of the Mother Earth should be a common concern of all the earth dwellers. Accordingly we must dare to adopt a sustainable vision guided by sustainable life style which will thrive in coexistence with nature.

Since women and nature are associated not in passivity but in creativity, the Save the Environment Foundation has been doing its utmost efforts to contribute to preserve the environment with the theme – from confrontation to coexistence with nature for future generations through promotion of greenery by creating green belts, green parks, green gardens and other forms of tree plantation.

At the time when human beings are suffering from the fatal consequences of climate change, SEF looks forward to further contributing to safeguarding the environment of the Mother Earth through promotion of green movement by working hand-in-hand with GOs, NGOs and private sectors.

Chanda Rana
Executive Chairperson
Save the Environment Foundation





In co-existence with the nature


Let’s save the environment and save Mother Earth!



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