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In recognition of SEF’s efforts in conserving the environment, GOs, NGO and private sector have provided some awards and appreciations which are as follow:

  1. On June 5, 2003, the Ministry of Environment provided Environment Protection Award to SEF. This award consists of Rs. 50,000 and certificate.

  2. Birendra Aishwarya Sewa Padak, a recognition medal by then His Majesty King Gyanedra Bir Bikram Shah Dev.

  3. Toyota Green Award for environment protection.

  4. Sagarmatha Award for environment protection.

  5. GorkhaDakshinbahu Medal bestowed upon by the King Gyanendra 



                  1.    Appreciation letter from Embassy of the United States of America

                  2.    Appreciation letter from Royal Danish Embassy




Let’s save the environment and
save Mother Earth!



In co-existence with the nature



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