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  PM Madhav Kumar Nepal
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Late Princess Shruti proceeding for inaugurating Green Garden.


Save the Environment Foundation (SEF) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 1994. SEF is an NGO run entirely by Nepalese women dedicated to environment conservation. It is a legal entity registered (Regd. No. 33/051/52) with Kathmandu District Administrative Office of Nepal Government under the Organization Registration Act of 1977. SEF is affiliated (Affiliation No. 6965) to the Social Welfare Council a coordinating and umbrella body of NGOs in Nepal. Ever since its inception, SEF has been engaged in environment conservation through promotion of greenery with its guiding motto – from confrontation to coexistence with nature for future generation.
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Save The Environment Foundation is participating in People's Climate March on 20th September 2014, a global event organized for worldwide solidarity. The March starts from Bhrikuti Mandap and ends at Kathmandu Durbar Square. SEF’s motto for the march is "People's Climate March for Future Generation"




In co-existence with the nature


Let’s save the environment and save Mother Earth!


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